Riding on the trend of global internet development, TREMELLA GLOBAL SDN.BHD. founded the first company in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on 2014. Following rapid development, the second company was established in Singapore on 2015. The third company was established in hainan China on 2018, and the fourth company was established in Hong Kong on 2019.

At the same time, it achieved an annual sales turnover in the 8 digits. Presently, sales teams are firmly anchored in Singapore, Indonesia, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan,vietnam,brunei,and so on.
In the 21st century, the thriving internet is driving on online marketing. This is the main reason for the company to enjoy a steady growth every year.
Miss Chau, the company founder, says, “The key is not in product range but product quality.” In a nutshell, a good product must be able to meet consumer needs at a reasonable price, enabling them to attain a good balance of riches, wealth and beauty amidst their busy lifestyles.
As the saying goes, actions speak louder than words. Besides propagating a healthcare philosophy, we help women to start their own business so that, apart from acquiring wealth, they also acquire health, beauty, confidence and dignity all at once.
The continuous growth of the company comes from team spirit, the faith of the leaders as well as customers’ support—the strongest driving force for our future advancement.
The company advocates lifelong learning, especially in this era of rapid development with online marketing. How can we rise above competitions? To this end, the company is providing free and continuous online and offline courses to improve personal images, communication skills as well as to help business partners achieve internet entrepreneurship.  There is no limit to learning, and it is our aim to share knowledge with our partners.


There is no such thing as the greatest product but only the most sincere salesperson. So give your best attitude and services. Treat every customer like a family member and support them with the most consummate after-sales services.
When people get together, they form a crowd. When hearts get together, they form a team.
Together, we shall brave challenges, overcome problems, share opinions, give mutual encouragement and upgrade continuously. This is our mission statement!

The company shall lead the team to expand the business and bring high quality products to the world. We shall become a true leader in online marketing to benefit more people.

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